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Resinous Flooring Options Abound!

If you’re considering getting a coating for your floor, you need to know the differences in coatings. Some options you’ll run into are a Polymer, Polyurethane, or Polyaspartic. The differences in these options have a huge impact in the finished results, so it’s vital to choose the best option for your project.

Polymer flooring is like a sealer. The coating or mortar are cured together, forming a solid film that will repair, protect or enhance a concrete substrate surface. Examples of polymer flooring include epoxy, urethane, urethane concrete and Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA resinous.

The benefits of Polymer flooring are varied, but can include protection from

· Moisture

· Thermal shock

· High levels of mechanical and foot traffic

· Chemical spills

· Frequent Cleaning

It offers a high degree of flexibility and is impact and chemical resistant. It also offers long-term durability and is non-yellowing under UV exposure.

Polyurethane flooring is used to coat floors and gives a protective finish that is resistant to abrasion and solvents yet is easy to clean and maintain. It also has other benefits like:

· Polyurethane is renowned for its extremely durable and flexible synthetic material.

· All resin flooring solutions are tough, heavy duty and specially developed to service environments with the highest possible hygiene standards.

· Combining durability and performance, the polyurethane floor finishes are seamless and aesthetically pleasing, which are ideal for modern environments that are customer facing.

Polyaspartic flooring is another protective resinous concrete floor coating application. It’s applied by a professional with a squeegee, broom, or even just a nap roller. It comes in standard solid colors, flakes and quartz systems as well. Polyaspartic coatings are just as resistant as Polymer or Polyurethane flooring and are also abrasion resistant.

Polyaspartic, Polyurethane and Polymer, are suitable for installation outside due to its UV resistance. These can all be applied in many environments. This includes heavy traffic industrial and commercial flooring as well as residential garage floor coatings.

As you can see, when choosing your floor coating, you have some great options! Pro Flooring Systems has over 20 years’ experience installing these coatings and can give you an amazing floor no matter which one you choose.

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