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No matter where you are or what business you are in, we have the floor that meets your needs. From kitchens, auto shops, hospitals, and many more, we have the system for you. No job is too big and no job is too small. With the experience we provide, we can install the floor of your dreams.


Vinyl Chip

Vinyl Chip, also known as color chip or flake flooring can be utilized in many areas from home garages to veterinary clinics. It is a decorative flooring system varying between 1/8" and 3/16" thick. A light nonskid additive can be used in our chemical and UV resistant urethane topcoats. The chips them selves comes in various sizes and can comes in hundreds of colors and combinations including mica and metallic.



Quartz flooring is decorative like vinyl chip, though it is a bit more solid and non skid. It is usually a 3/16" system that is fully broadcast with colored quartz. The quartz comes in hundreds of colors and combinations. These floors are great for outside areas, wet areas, hospitals and small kitchens and dining areas.


Urethane Cement

Our urethane cement floors are built to last. They are chemical and thermal shock resistant. In addition they are antimicrobial, they do not allow fungus or mold to grow on them, which makes them perfect for fully functioning kitchens. Urethane cement flooring can be troweled down or gauge raked depending on thickness and get broadcast with various sized silica sand and typically receive a solid pigmented chemical resistant top coat, though a hybrid floor can be made with out color flakes and quartz.


Epoxy Mortar

An epoxy mortar system is perfect for high impact areas such as auto body shops and other heavy machinery areas. Utilizing a sand and epoxy mix, these floors are troweled down at 1/4" surface and broadcast with silica sand for a non-skid yet easily cleanable surface. Typically, they are given a chemical resistant solid pigmented top coat. These floors can also be troweled with colored quartz.


High Chemical and Containment Pits

There are a lot of harsh and acidic chemicals out there. Sometimes these chemicals need to be contained in one area. The system may vary depending on the degree of the chemical being used. Whether it be a novalac epoxy system or urethane cement system, we can provide the protection you need to keep many chemical spills contained without corrosion.

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