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Logos, vinyls and more! Oh My!

When choosing your epoxy flooring there are so many options its sometimes easy to get confused or discouraged by the choices. One of the most original would be to put a logo or symbol on the floor. Logos are easily put in an epoxy floor, either just covering with a topcoat or covering with a broadcast to add more detail. You can use vinyl cutouts or other logo/symbols or have them done by hand using different colors. These can be made any size or shape and have many options to make your floor more beautiful than imagined.

From sports teams to business logos the choices are endless. We can install a simple picture or a complex vinyl design. Some logos can be installed by hand, a true art form. If you want a great view of your picture, you may choose to do a base of whichever color you like, one that matches is always fun, then coat the picture in a clear topcoat to protect it and give it more dimension.

Another option would be to add some flake before the topcoat to give the floor a little more personality. A logo covered with a thin layer of vinyl or quartz flake will show the floor and logo to its best potential. We can also add other aggregates to give the floor a higher profile for slip resistance or just a bit more style.

If you decide you’d like to have the logo done by hand on the floor, different colored epoxy and/or flakes will be used, along with a steady hand. Make sure that you vet anyone you’re asking to do this for you as it does take an artist to do it justice.

Here at Pro Flooring Systems we can also install things like lights in your logo. These LED mini-lights will add a feature that not many will have. This system is very similar to adding the logo to the floor, and just requires access to electrical to hook up the lights for a great show. These floors show great to friends or customers!

Whether you’re wanting the perfect placement of your company logo or you’re wanting to support your favorite team, logos or pictures are going to be an amazing choice for you. Decorate your man cave with your team, your garage with your favorite auto logo. Showoff the beautiful logo designed for you by showcasing it in the lobby of your building. The options are endless.

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