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What tools will we use? Lets find out a few!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

In epoxy flooring, the result is often just as dependent on the tools used as on the installer. Professional installers have a different mindset when it comes to this, owing to the fact that flooring is all they do vs. others that are doing flooring for themselves, or sub-contractors/contractors that want to do it all. The professional will have some tools that others just wouldn’t think of or wouldn’t generally have on hand. We’ll talk about a few of these specialty tools here.

Notched Rubber Squeegees:

Think rubber squeegees are just for cleaning car windows? Think again! Epoxy flooring specialists will use a notched rubber squeegee in varying lengths for a variety of uses. The results of using the squeegee will depend on the size of the notch, the pressure used and the coating system used.

Shoe spikes:

Spikes aren’t just for hair anymore! Similar to cleats worn in sports, shoes spikes help you keep your footing while protecting the flooring. The holes left behind when you walk on the floor while pouring the coating can be damaging or even ruin the coating if you walk in regular shoes but with the shoe spikes the holes left behind are small and close up quicker, allowing for a smooth and perfect coating.

Floor Grinder:

Floor grinders are a necessary part of any professional flooring installer’s tool kit. With these they are able to prepare the substrate for resinous materials or even just a simple dye. These machines are large, heavy duty and expensive, so most do-it-yourselfers won’t have them lying around. Most general contractors won’t have them simply because they really are a specialist tool.

18” Wide Rollers:

If you’ve got a job that consists of 10,000, 20,000, even 100,000 square feet of floor space or more, a 6” paint roller just isn’t going to get the job done. While 18” rollers are easy for others to acquire, a true epoxy flooring professional just wouldn’t be without them. A professional resinous flooring installer will have a variety pack of rollers, but an 18” will get a large project done more quickly, allowing for better results and happier clients.

There are a great many tools that are specific to resinous flooring application. While some tools are easy for others to acquire many are expensive and not used that often, so it doesn’t make sense to make that kind of investment. The best results will be gotten using a professional that has the right equipment for the job, so make sure you research before you hire.

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