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Polished Concrete Upkeep

Polishing a concrete floor increases the concrete’s durability, density, and allows it to withstand more wear and tear. Polished up to 3000 grit, stained, guarded and burnished; these floors are a thing of beauty and practicality. Unfortunately, they aren’t invincible. They can be damaged over time. Some floors also start out with some defects, like pitting, cracks and gouges. Here we will go over some issues these floors can have and how to correct them.

These floors need a weekly cleaning; however, you need to be careful with the choice of cleaner used. Harsh, unapproved detergents or soaps will cause damage, so make sure the product you choose is safe for use on a polished concrete floor.

Because concrete is a porous substance, things like oils, acids and other liquids can seep down into it. A polish prevents most stains. If you have a stain or dye applied in addition to polishing, your floor may be less likely to stain or discolor. The good news is if it does stain, and you catch it quickly, a buffing may be able to return your floor to looking beautiful.

For floors exposed to high foot traffic, over time it may begin to lose its gloss or shine. This is more likely to happen with floors that have a sealer or burnished topical treatment and will happen quickly over time. If you have a true mechanical concrete polishing job, the friction from heavy traffic can eventually dull the floor’s shine. In these cases, a simple re-buffing will usually get the floors back to brand new.

If you have physical damage to the floor itself like cracks, pits, or scratches there are a few options. In some instances, a joint sealer or caulk may be all that’s needed. For more serious issues a rigid filler or troweled mortar may be needed. After these are applied the floor can be re-stained and re-polished as needed.

These are a few of the issues that can arise with a polished concrete floor. While polished concrete is a long-lasting and beautiful option, it does need maintenance and care, just like any other flooring.

For more information, or to get a quote on your own floor, please contact our estimating department at (863) 943-4372.

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