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Polished concrete and you!

Polished concrete is an option for those looking to have a great floor without adding coatings or tile over the base concrete. It’s available in a large range of colors, you can also add exotic glass and aggregates, decorative saw cuts, stains and more. Topically applied stains or dyes actually color the concrete itself.

If you like the look of Terrazzo or natural stone flooring, but don’t quite have the budget for it, polished concrete may be the way to go. The fluidity of concrete allows for designs not found with other options. Pro Flooring Systems, LLC is an experienced installer of polished concrete with more than 25 years in the business.

Polished concrete flooring is being used more and more, even bigger businesses like Cabela’s, Ohio State, and Ford are having their logos stenciled into the concrete floors; now having your logo stenciled into your concrete floor is within your reach. Small businesses, organizations and churches, just to name a few, all have this option!

With the new capabilities of computer-generated stencils that capture any image and allow for the design of a stunning work of art, and the ability to simply stay at home and create your own design, the choices are endless. Just bring your ideas and Pro Flooring Systems can help you achieve what you dream.

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