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Maintain your Polymer Flooring with ease!

Proper maintenance of your polymer coated flooring will increase the longevity and improve the gloss retention and overall appearance.

The frequency of maintenance will depend on the environment, as well as the dirt and other deposits that accumulate. While dirt and dust are abrasive, liquids may stain and damage the finish. Ultimately, they all can quickly dull the finish, decreasing the shine and shortening the life of the coating.

Due to the non­porous nature of a coated floor, it usually requires less maintenance than an uncoated concrete floor. Still, a daily maintenance program should be established. Routine sweeping and scrubbing will minimize scratching from abrasive dust, limit debris buildup and extend the life of your floor.

The greater the accumulation of debris and the harsher the environment, the more frequently you will need to clean your floor. To get the most out of your floor coating investment, it’s recommended that you develop a regular floor care program including the following steps:

Clean any Spills: Any liquid spill, including acids and solvents, is a safety hazard and should be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage to the coating. Harsh liquids that remain on the floor can often soften, discolor, or completely remove a coating.

Scratches & Gouges: Avoid scraping and sliding machinery, furniture or sharp objects across the floor, as this can cut and/or gouge the coating.

Sweeping: Sweep floors daily with a broom or mechanized sweeping equipment to prevent dust and dirt build up. If using a mechanized sweeper, use a soft nylon bristle brush. Stiff brushes will scratch the coating, causing it to lose its glossy finish.

Scrubbing: The frequency of scrubbing depends on the amount and type of debris; however, all floors should be scrubbed at least once per week. High-traffic areas, such as aisle ways, should be scrubbed daily. Use a mop and bucket. Also, areas where oil and grease are prevalent require daily attention.

To summarize, keep this checklist nearby:

· Sweep your floor daily with a broom or mechanized cleaning equipment.

· Scrub your floor at least once a week using the correct brush and detergent.

· Clean up spills before they have a chance to damage the finish.

· Place mats near entryways to capture dirt and moisture.

· Do not slide machinery or materials across the floor without protection. This will scratch and gouge the floor coating.

· Avoid dropping heavy or pointed items on the floor because chips may happen.

· ONLY use soft bristle brushes or pads. NEVER USE stiff bristle brushes or caustic cleaning solutions on the coating.

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