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What's the most important part of a construction site? Find out here!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

One thing to think about when considering a construction project will be the number of trades, or different jobs, working on the site. Communication will be paramount in making sure that there are no interruptions in work, confusion, or tension between trades. Here we’ll list a few of the most important thoughts on this subject.

Respect-Whether it’s respect for each person or respect for the work each trade is doing, respect is very important on the job site. Each member of the construction team should have a working respect for the others. Each trade should respect the needs of the others as well. For instance: if a trade has a certain area blocked off for any reason, another trade shouldn’t impose on the area. Doing so could compromise the work that is being done in the area. It is primarily the job of the general manager to make sure each trade respects the other’s work.

Communication-Each trade project manager or foreman should communicate their needs and goals to not only the other trades, but to the general manager of the project. If the heads of the other trades don’t know what the others need, there is no way for them to work together. Ultimately, it is the job of the general manager of the project to make sure that the trades can work together and allow each the space and time needed to get the job done. For instance: if a trade needs to get into an area that is being worked on by another trade, they should communicate that need and discuss a time when it is possible.

Teamwork-While each trade is a team, all the trades, the general manager and others make up another team. Each person is responsible for making sure they work within the trade team and the larger team as well. Without teamwork, the project will fall into chaos. For instance: if two trades can’t work together as a team to complete the project, the project will simply not get done on time, or possibly not get done at all.

Responsibility-Each person is responsible for their own work however, the project manager, or foreman is ultimately responsible for the actions of those on their team and ultimately the general manager is responsible for the actions of all the trades on the job. For instance: if a tradesman doesn’t acknowledge something like a blocked off room that another trade is working on, it’s the responsibility of that person, their foreman or project manager, and the general manager.

These are just a few of the needs of a construction site. There are many more that are more focused on the work itself; without these, there is no hope for a productive site. These insure a comfortable working environment and a productive mindset to all involved in the project. Each is necessary and will not function without the other.

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