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What's the difference in a Project manager and a foreman? Here you'll find out!

What are the differences in a project manager and a foreman? Why are there both on a job? These are some important questions and the answers are important. Here we’ll discuss those answers and clear up the confusion.

For the project to run as smoothly as possible, a Project Manager (PM) is needed. They are responsible for a lot of things. Mainly leading and directing the planning of the job. They also are responsible for making sure that what’s needed is there. Whether it’s running to the store for extra tape or making sure the trailer is loaded properly. They are usually the first point of contact with the owner, or the owner’s management. The PM is needed to make sure scheduling is kept and deliveries are received properly. They are usually the most senior management position on the team.

The foreman, however, is more directly involved with the mechanics of the project. They have the expertise of the field, the knowledge, and the experience in all the different jobs on a crew. They are responsible for the construction activities. Including the direction of the project. They will lead the rest of the crew members in their individual jobs and oversee the project to make sure each step is taken correctly. They’re generally more focused on the overall performance. They mobilize the project, and de-mobilize when the project is complete. They will report to the construction manager or PM.

Both the project manager and the foreman are essential to a well-run project. Together they will make sure that each aspect of the job is completed in a timely manner and each step is followed.

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