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Tips for choosing the right stain or dye for your project.

Though you will want to work with your contractor to make the final decisions, here are some tips for choosing the right stain or dye for your project.

Concrete is a very strong material. Allowing for huge buildings to be built upon it or allowing for the gentlest of dyes to absorb. This gives you the option of choosing nearly any color you desire. Stains and dyes for your concrete floor come in many different formulas. Each has its own pros and cons and here we’ll discuss some of those.

Acid Stains: These react with the surface of the concrete, therefore the color is permanent, rather than allowing for changes down the line, as long as the surface is protected by a sealant. The downside is that you’re limited in your color choices to earth-tones.

Powdered Acetone Dyes: Most acetone-based dyes come in powdered form. These come in a wide variety of colors and are great for interior use. However, they’re not UV protected so they can’t usually be used outdoors. A huge advantage to dyes is the short dry time. Acid stains need to sit for hours before being neutralized while dyes will dry in minutes!

Liquid Acetone Dyes: Liquid dyes are actually not dyes but a very thin, UV-stable solvent-based stain with particles small enough to absorb into the surface. They come in even more colors than the Powdered acetone dyes and they still dry very quickly. Because they are UV protected, they’re perfect for outdoor use.

Water-Based Stains: Most water-based stains are more of a paint designed to bond to concrete than a stain. They do come in a large range of colors making unique designs simple. However, because they’re like a paint, they only coat the surface.

Solvent-Based Stains: These stains are used primarily to tint solvent-based coatings. Depending on the solvent used, they can dry quickly. These include options like epoxies and urethanes and have unlimited color options.

Here we’ve gone over many of the options available to you for concrete staining or dyeing. Whichever you choose, you’re going to have a beautiful outcome. So, call us today for your free estimate!

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