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Retailers and Polished Concrete

Many retailers in Florida are recognizing the benefits of a polished concrete floor. Because of the number of benefits, for a lot of retailers it just makes sense. A few of the benefits are the durability, the cost, and aesthetic. Here we’ll discuss these and more.

Polished concrete is made from concrete and an aggregate. Basically, rock and rock powder. This makes is extremely tough. The only things that match it are natural stone or marble. Because of this, it’s the go to for high impact environments. It’s also resistant to things like chipping, scratching and cracking.

Another reason is its cost. Big retailers like The Home Depot choose it because it has the lowest long-term cost and lifecycle cost among competing flooring types. It’s a sustainable product that doesn’t harbor mildew, dust mites or other allergens, and it can’t radiate heat.

Polished concrete can be customized to your specifications quite easily, and there are almost no limits to make your floor a one-of-a kin floor. These floors can be stained, acid-stained and have decorative saw cuts. Using dyes, tinted sealers, resinous coatings in addition to stains that can contribute to the uniqueness of your floor. These mediums can be mixed and matched.

You can also add designs and textures to a polished concrete floor. We can use stamps to texture skins and so much more that are sure to blow your mind.

With the benefit of unlimited options to choose from polished concrete floors also have the ease of care. They typically only need a sweeping and an occasional wet mop. There also is no need for a waxing, ever. These floors are designed to hold on to their shine.

Pro Flooring Systems will always seal, densify, and stain guard our polished concrete floors with the best products for our customer’s needs. So, give us a chance to blow your mind with a polished concrete floor that will surpass your expectations and surprise you with its beauty. Give us a call at (863) 943-4372, chat with our sales team using the live chat feature on our website, or email us at

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