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Restaurants and your flooring!

One of the biggest design decisions when you’re building up your restaurant is the flooring. Should you do tile, carpet, hardwood? Well these days you have an even better option, especially in the kitchen area. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean, slip resistant, and resistant to both acids and alkalis.

Epoxy floors are so easy to clean anyone can do it. You can wash it several times a day using only very hot water and it won’t suffer damage or wear and tear like so many other flooring options. It’s long lasting and durable, making it a perfect choice for restaurant and commercial kitchens.

Also epoxy floors can be made slip resistant, reducing the number of accidents to staff. Slip and fall accidents will cause increases in workers compensation costs, and possible lawsuits. High traffic areas are notorious for slip and falls. Imagine if you could reduce the chances of that happening. What a weight off your shoulders that would be.

These floors will also be resistant to many different conditions you or your employees or patrons may encounter. Oil, grease, food, water can cause expensive repairs and a disruption to business. Because epoxy flooring is resistant to spills, property owners don’t have to worry about frequently replacing the floor or high maintenance cost.

Design appeal is another reason to choose epoxy flooring. With any design, color, pattern or logo imaginable able to be set in the flooring there is nothing you can’t do. Whatever your wishes, epoxy can achieve them.

With all these benefits, it just makes sense to go with such an option. So, give us a call to make your flooring dreams come true!

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