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Epoxy flooring is a great choice!

Why choose epoxy flooring over other types of flooring available to you? The answer isn’t as complicated as it may seem. To many, epoxy flooring would seem to be used only in commercial settings; but it’s making its appearance in homes, garages and even in hospitals.

The pros of epoxy flooring are many, including appearance, durability and even safety. We’ll go over those here.

The number one advantage of epoxy flooring is its affordability. Compared to other types of flooring, the cost of these floors is great. Since it’s installed directly over the concrete, or other flooring types, the installation costs are significantly lower than the others.

When it comes to variety, it can’t be beat. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. These give it a flawless, smooth, elegant shine. The number of options is almost unlimited!

The appearance of epoxy flooring is bright and professional with a smooth and even surface that is easy to maintain and sweep. Cleaning up is easy too since nothing much will stick to it.

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to many chemicals including oil, gasoline, bleach, cleaners and more. They’re also resistant to bacteria and germs. Just one of the many reasons it’s used in so many applications like garages, hospitals and clinics.

These floors are valued especially for their durability as they have a long lifespan, being beat out only by properly sealed and maintained concrete. And since epoxy requires a concrete base anyway, it makes the concrete extremely durable.

It’s also can be easily rolled-out on the concrete without mortar or glue, eliminating the worry of separation. Because it’s rolled directly onto the concrete, epoxy offers protection to it from moisture, grease, cracks and more. In the end, this can save you a great deal on the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Many other types of flooring won’t last as long as epoxy flooring will either. If it’s installed correctly it, with proper care, will last for decades without peeling or cracking.

One of the other benefits to epoxy flooring is its inherent safety. Many garages, warehouses, and even industrial buildings benefit from the enhanced visibility due to the light reflecting off the floor.

So, whether you’re interested in your home, garage or business epoxy flooring is a great choice! With the affordability, safety, variety and more, the only thing to consider is your color or pattern choice!

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